Josh Zemel, Executive Coach

Level 7 Leadership - Boulder, CO


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If you're wanting to step into the version of you that harnesses each moment, engenders trust in others, effects systemic change, and becomes successful in every sense of the word, let's talk.  I love working with people whose visions inspire me.


Josh Zemel is an evolutionary coach and consultant with a focus on systemic change within individuals and organizations.  He has founded four profitable companies, and brings to his work a tremendous diversity of experience across business verticals and transformational methodologies.

He is also a leading facilitator of communication and connection, and specializes in helping people hear each other better and get on the same page faster, through a skillful honesty that is remarkable for its simplicity.  He leads courses in Relational Intelligence and Relational Leadership at the Integral Center within companies and on retreats.

Josh is also an expert in customer acquisition and reaching audiences at scale.  In his 7 years at IMM, a digital agency he joined in infancy and helped grow to over $100M as SVP, he oversaw advertising strategy and execution for major brands such as Toyota, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Chili's. Josh and his teams have served a trillion impressions across just about every online channel, and he has been a trusted advisor to CMOs of 9- and 10-figure companies.

“This is the time, more than ever, to to step up to living better, loving better, and playing for greater positive impact. There's never been more on the line. And there's never been a more exciting time.”

- Josh Zemel


I believe that areas of our lives are connected systemically, and that the most truly successful executives and entrepreneurs are the ones who:

  • Maintain a growth mindset across many lines of development
  • View the quality of their relationships as paramount to their success
  • Orient to every circumstance as opportunity

I firmly believe in the course of progress.  I believe we evolve through polarities – the swinging of a pendulum among different points of view, different ways of being – both as individuals and as a collective.  Undesired events often contribute to desired outcomes, especially when we remain curious.

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  • DOES EVERYTHING HAPPEN FOR A REASON? January 20, 2017 by Josh Zemel - How might you complete the following sentence? "It would have been better if..." Got something? Here are some ideas: "... that business/initiative/project had been successful." "... I had learned to play guitar as a kid." "... so-and-so had wanted to be with me."



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Business results, game-changing insights, out-of-the-box solutions, powerful models

Not only did he help me get the business results I desired, but my coach has also completely changed my life. Level7 does not simply provide advice or management tips. They develop clients as transformational leaders.

-Mike D., CEO

Level7 has amazing insights into people and business problems. My coach changed the way I saw my situation & absolutely changed my behavior. The harder the problem, the more vital Level7 is to being part of the solution.

-Richard G., CEO

My Level7 coach is an incredibly intelligent, talented, and creative executive/team coach with an uncanny ability to diagnose sticky issues and rapidly eradicate them. I regard Level7 as absolutely vital to my success.

-Kathryn K., CEO

My Level 7 coach helped me grow, manage people more effectively, and was invaluable to many facets of my latest start-up. He is creative and the has experience to advise on almost any complex business problem.

-Ron B., CEO

“The course of progress will always continue in some fashion.  But our choices determine the specifics of that course, and just how much goodness, truth, and beauty emerge along the way hangs in the balance.”

- Josh Zemel


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Coaching: First Time CEOs

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