Perri Chase, Executive Coach

Level 7 Leadership - Phoenix/New York


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I specialize in working with clients who want to unlock that next level of possibility, energy and break the "old pattern" operating systems we all carry through life.


Perri Chase is a Transformational Coach who knows that what "got you this far, won't get you the whole way".

She specializes in working with clients who want to unlock that next level of possibility, energy and break the "old pattern" operating systems we all carry through life.  Perri works with people who want to have a large impact on humanity through building and leading companies and being in service to others. She has a deep personal practice in all the methods she uses with clients, and has coaches and teachers that support her so that she can support you.

Prior, Perri had a career in the talent space as an Executive Recruiter working with financial institutions in New York, Europe and Asia.  She also spent time as the founder of two startups, (acquired by Rakuten) and Archively.  More recently she has successfully worked with startups on strategic positions like VP of Engineering, VP of Data Science, and VP of Marketing. She has a deep understanding of organizational structure, talent strategy and has negotiated more than 50 million dollars worth of salary in her career.

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“Force will get you far, but not the whole way.
True power is surrendering to go in the direction the wind fills your sails."

- Perri Chase




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Business results, game-changing insights, out-of-the-box solutions, powerful models

Having worked with Perri, I can tell you that her work ethic is outstanding. Her deep understanding of people and relationships allow her to solve problems in ways that most wouldn't see. From being able to pick apart the emotion of a design to a high level negotiation, Perri's unique abilities prove to be essential across the board.

Level 7 Testimonial Perri Chase - Steve Greenberg

- Steven G., Product Mgr

I worked with Perri on one of the largest build outs in Bank history. She was a true expert, not only with the detail needs of her clients, but understanding how to make the perfect match. She has an undying work ethic and relates with all types of people on all levels . I could not recommend anyone higher for her superlative work from start to result.

Level 7 Testimonial Perri Chase - Mark Landis

- Mark L., Managing Partner

Perri is my go to person for career guidance. I have always been confident that she would steer me in the right direction. I have trusted her advice for major decisions. Perri knows how people think and has keen instincts. She has coached me in both good and bad business cycles. I owe much of my success to Perri's influence.

Level 7 Testimonial Perri Chase - Erin Morgan

- Erin M., Dir. Biz Dev

Perri helped me develop a decision making process in an important career transition. She provided valuable insights to help me assess, not only financial rewards, but also lifestyle benefits and potential challenges. This helped me choose the path that best suited my personal preferences at the time.

Level 7 Testimonial Perri Chase - Tim Page

- Tim P., Managing Dir.

"Only you can bring about the imaginary world you believe is possible."

-Bryan Franklin


Coaching For First Time CEOs

Team Peak Performance Coaching

Strategic Offsite Facilitation And Design

Sales Acceleration

Raising Capital

Creating A Culture Of Excellence

Executive Team Alignment


Leadership Training

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Coaching: First Time CEOs

Raising Capital

Consulting: Sales Acceleration

Strategic Offsite Facilitation

Coaching: Culture of Excellence

Coaching: Peak Team Performance

Leadership Training

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